Call Me!

   I really enjoy getting to know my friends and fans. I’ve designed this site to be very interactive with some unique ways for me to reach out to you and some cool ways for you be in contact with me.

   Email is fine and texting is ok, but I’d like to hear your voice. So if you have a question or comment and you’d like ti to be a bit more personal than an email, just call and leave a message on my voicemail. And you never know, maybe you’ll get a call back from me. 

323 570 4858

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Voicemail / chat

My chat room

  I’m so tired of chat resources on social media that treat us like children. They ban certain phrases, make sending a link nearly impossible and genrally treat us all like children. In my chatroom, there are no banned words or phrases and no censorship. However, I do as k that you treat me and each other with respect at all times.