About Lovell:

   This is my personal invitation to you to enjoy everything you see here, and to interact with me.  Of course I want you to get to know me.  But, I also want to know more about you, so please enjoy the photos, but tell me about you too.

   My Fan Site is unlike any social media you'll find anywhere.  We are all creative souls here on the GMS Photoblog so we don't believe in censorship.  But we do believe in good taste and good behavior.

   About me?  I absolutely love to travel the world and experience new and exotic places, and especially great beaches.  I love the time that I get to spend with my pets, they are all rescues and they are the best!

   I enjoy a fun night out hanging out with my friends.  I enjoy making people happy.

   My modeling is a passion of mine and I'm happy to share it with you.  Please come back and visit often.  My "fan site" is also a "Friend Site."  A model needs fans, and I love making friends so that makes this a great place for us to interact.

   If you want to lean more about me, the best ways it to just ask me.  Drop me a line, send a text (best way), or call me.  I’ll respond, I promise.  Although, phone calls may take much longer.





Eye color  

Hair color  

Dress size

Jeans size

Shoe size

Favorite Color

Favorite food

Favorite drink

Favorite music

Favorite bobbie

Favorite perfume

Favorite getaway

Favorite place to shop

Favorite guilty pleasure

I'm crazy about

I can't stand

What's sexy in a man

What's sexy in a woman

July 6


5' 5"



Brown with highlights



7 ½ (US)




Madona & rock

Swimming & traveling

Lolita Lempicka & Escada

Tropical clear water, warm beach 

Harrods of London

Sees Candy, only with almonds

A rare ribeye steak at a great steak house, travelling to beautiful exotic beaches or somewhere adventurous.  I love being in the warm ocean, on my jet ski's, or riding my dirt bike, quad, or horse.  I love all my pets.

Rude, ignorant, pushy people. And, especially people that are cruel to animals and people that don’t spay or neuter their pets.

A man that is not afraid to communicate, admit when he's wrong, and be affectionate.

A women that can exude confidence and sexuality from within herself makes her sexy.


Likes and dislikes


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